Jim's Antique Radio Museum

Real radios glow in the dark and are warm to cuddle up next to..


I hope you will find these links helpful. 

American Museum of Radio and Electricity 

American Wireless Association 

Antique Radio Club of Illinois 

Antique Radio (The Collector's Resource) 

Arizona Antique Radio Club

Boat Anchor Radios

California Historical Radio Society 

Canadian Vintage Radio Society 

Central Ohio Antique Radio Association

Central Valley Chapter of CHRS

CRC (Colorado) Antique Radio Club 

Dave's Homemade Radios 

Dayton Ohio Hamvention

DC Electronic Tutorial

Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club (Philadelphia, PA area)

Florida Antique Wireless Group

Heartland Antique Radio Association

Houston Vintage Radio Association 

Iggy's World of Radio 

Indiana Historical Radio Society 

K9YA Telegraph Newsletter

Lithuania Radio Museum, lots of European Radios

JEWEL’S OLD TIME RADIO’SAn excellent collections of 1920's radios.

Marconi History of Marconi and the Radio Telegraph System.

Marine Radio Historical Society

Michigan Antique Radio Club 

Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club 

Midwest Radio Museum. A museum dedicated to the Midwest brand of radios. 

Memphis Antique Radio Club 

Modesto Radio Museum 

Museum of Radio and Technology Links. Lots of good stuff here. 

Naval Postgraduate School Amateur Radio Club 

New England Antique Radio Club 

New Jersey Antique Radio Club 

Northland Antique Radio Club

Northwest Vintage Radio Society

Norwegian Historical Radio Society 

Nostalgia Air  Loaded with free schematics and tuning procedures from Rider's Perpetual Troubleshooter Manuals.

Orange County Amateur Radio Club

Pavek Museum of Broadcasting

Phil's Old Radio Links 

Pittsburg Antique Radio Society

Police two-way radio history

Puget Sound Antique Radio Association 

Radio Exchange Club Listings

Radio Museum membership required to access all info.

Radiola Guy , he has a lot more than Radiola radios on display.

Radiola Guy Links Page lots of interesting links.

RTP (Radio-Television-Portugal) Virtual Museum A fascinating interactive website (not recommended for dial-up)

Southeastern Antique Radio Society 

Southern California Antique Radio Society 

SPARC Antique Radio Club

SWL radio collection This website is in German. Google Chrome has a built-in translator. 

Texas Antique Radio Club

The Collectors Weekly. A great resource for current radio pricing!

The History of Telecommunications

The Schenectady Antique Radio Club

Vics Radio Shop.  A nice collection of transistor radio images.


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