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Real radios glow in the dark and are warm to cuddle up next to..

Misc Transistor Radios






       Zenith Royal 500                 


                 General Electric   

     Panasonic Model RF-626                                      




General Electric  

     Solar Radio Front
              Solar radio back 

 Zenith Royal-M Hearing Aid  


          National 2-band           
Lloyds, Model NN-7413
       made in Taiwan

  Realistic travel clock radio                   
         Model 12-1571                           

Panasonic Model R-1326

            Diel Desk Radio,           
        Model R-1015, Made in Korea        

Sears Silvertone, Mdl 6208
with Eveready #216, 9V battery

  Americana, 6 Transistor
  Sony Cube, Model TR-1819  

       Sony,Model 2R-28

       KMART X-100KHZ                             
          Made in Hong Kong                             

       Model ICF-200W

          Candle, Japan          

    Sony, Model 2R-31

        Rivera model RV-62    

       Encore Deluxe Hi-Fi
    Silvertone Model-7209             

   Sony Model 2R-26

      Sony Model 2R-29                  

     Hoffman Model 728

    Toshiba, Model 8-TM-41                 

      Model H655P5

Zenith Delux Royal 755G            

         Eico All Transistor

  Electro-Brand travel clock radio    

Channel Master, Model 65 
       Arvin, Model -9595                  

   Zenith Royal 500E-1

 Westinghouse, Model H790P6        

Arvin, Model 62R49

     Philco, Model T75-124

And many, many more to come in the near future........




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